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About Eskisehir

Eskisehir, like all the other major cities, accommodates many aspects and looks after the legacy enriched by the civilizations that had followed each other in the course of history. Born by the unique harmony of the old and the new, the modern city makes the visitors feel its mystery, development, energy at their every pace.

With Eskisehir’s prestigious art activities, precious museums, successful education rate, advanced industry that accommodates worldwide brands, scarce resources and impressive history, Eskisehir is a city of change and production. The two traits that differenciates Eskisehir from other cities : The change, the production…

With universities, symphony orchestras, opera, museums that contains unique and priceless works of art, theatres, cultural activities, Eskisehir is a home to culture and art activities. Eskisehir’s contribution and effect to the contemporary art increases unceasingly.

Yunus's city of love enriched by "Nasrettin Hoca"; Eskisehir nowadays takes the first places on the Most Livable Cities List.

Stars of Eskisehir

Yazilikaya: Yazilikaya is Phrygian’s religious city. There are monumental works in and round the mother goddess Matar Kubileya’s sacred city.

Odunpazari Houses: Situated on the south of the city, Odunpazari Houses are a great example of 19. Century’s civil architecture.

Devrim Automobile: Among the 4 cars produced in the 1961, only one of them reached the present day. The automobile is exhibited in a garage made of glass in the garden of the Tulomsas factory. It is still in a operating state.

Boron: Named as "Industry salt", Boron is used in hundreds of products thanks to its special features. Most of the boron reserves in Turkey is situated in Eskisehir, Kirka region.

Meerschaum (Luletasi): The stone is called "sepiolit" because of its resemblance of the bones of squid called "sepio". It is found as single pieces at different depths in the ground, reaching as deep as 380 meters in Eskisehir. It had been known and crafted by people 5000 years ago, and it may be one of the best souvenir from Eskisehir.

Bathhouses: Eskisehir is famous of the bathhouses which provides natural hot groundwater which helps to healing process of many illnesses.

Ciborek: Ciborek is a deep-fried turnover with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions. It is made with a single round piece of dough folded over the filling in a half-moon shape. You can taste it in many restaurants in Eskisehir.

Inonu Glider and Parachute Camp: Many air sports are being done in Turkey’s first aviation sport center (Turk Hava Kurumu Inonu Ucus Egitim Merkezi)

Porsuk River: You can have a boat tour on Porsuk river that resembles to Venice canals, and you can explore the beauty of the porsuk river on gondolas.

Parks: Island of love, Science-Art and Culture Park, Grand Park, Park with ponds, Japanese Garden, and KentPark are important parts of the city’s social life.

Climate of Eskisehir

Even though we see different types of climate time to time, the climate in Eskisehir is the continental climate. There is substantial temperature differentce between night and the day. At the time of the congress, we expect the temperature to be between 18-20 oC.

Transportation in the City

The transportation in Eskisehir is very effective. Many important locations in the city center are at walking distance. At most, 15-20 minutes walking, you can roam around and see many important locations in the city. Public transportation in the city is conducted with tramway and buses. With the transportation card named "Eskart", you can travel multiple times in periods of 60 minutes. With buses and tramways, you can go everywhere in the city. Apart from that, the transportation is conducted by taxis, white and red minibuses.